How does modern JavaScript help us write better code on the first try? Ready to say goodbye to "var," callbacks, and typing "then" all day? What are the benefits of new language features and are they worth the learning curve?

A straightforward talk for developers of all experience levels. With examples of each feature and its advantages. And cats.

Deck from previous presentation, "ES6 and beyond: modern javascript with cats":

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This talk was previously given at the Philly NodeJS meetup in early 2020.



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DevOps & Misc Development
Front End Development
Developers (Javascript focused)
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3:00pm - 3:50pm
, FrontEnd, Design systems

About the Presenter

Tom Boutell

CTO, Apostrophe Technologies

Tom Boutell is Chief Technology Officer at Apostrophe Technologies. He has primary responsibility for development of the Apostrophe CMS, mentoring the development team and providing architectural guidance on enterprise projects. Mentoring other developers is the best part of his job.

Tom is best known for originating the PNG image format used by all websites today. More recently he has been actively involved in creating new node.js npm modules like sanitize-html, uploadfs and of course apostrophe.

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