HAXTheWeb is a platform, code base, mantra, and way of web components based life for the team surrounding it. Since it was first announced at DrupalCon Baltimore as a theoretical idea, HAX has grown from idea on a piece of paper at a coffee shop to a budding community of activist minded web component authors. HAX is short for Headless Authoring eXperience, with a goal of making the best web editing experience in a platform agnostic way, extended by extending the web itself.

Integrated like CKEditor, HAX controls the WYSIWYG textarea driven piece of the page; the "body blob" if you will and presents a provocative idea: if HTML was more robust, would we need complex data structures representing "bands" of the website. In a silly context, if you have a "meme-maker" tag, do you need complex tools to make memes or can anyone click a button and meme?

As an educator and builder of Drupal sites for over a decade, I've seen the way that "simple tasks" like finding a video on YouTube and embedding it correctly can be incredibly painful for content contributors. This is an incredibly simple 3 clicks and searching in context process, clicking on the video you want and it's automatically embedded in the page in a responsive, accessible, and simple to style way. HAX is a game changer for content creation.

Leveraging the W3C standard known as Web components, HAX is taught at run-time how to modify purely visual assets. This allows you design and development teams to create things that make sense for them in and website or project and then democratize that capability to your content authors by adding a single static get haxProperies callback that serves up documented HAXSchema, an abstraction of JSON Schema.

Come learn about HAX, how you can leverage it in Backdrop, Drupal 7,8,9, GravCMS, WordPress, ClassicPress, HAXcms, ELMS:LN and beyond. Learn who's using HAX and how to get more involved with the project. Help us HAXTheWeb and build a tribe-less, more accessible, more creative, easier to use web platform, for everyone by improving access across all our platforms.

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DrupalCon Baltimore, DrupalCon Nashville, DrupalCon Seattle, DrupalCampNJ (2019,2020), HAXCamp (2 day event at Duke University) and dozens of podcasts, webinars, interviews, and meetups.

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Front End Development
User Experience (Design & Strategy)
Content Managers, Editors
Designers, UX Strategists

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1:00pm - 1:50pm
, Business Strategy, Admin UX

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Bryan Ollendyke

HAXTheWeb / ELMS:LN Project lead
Penn State


btopro's been contributing to Drupal for 13+ years and web components the last 3. University staff turned educator, always an activist, and never soft spoken, I won't stop building bridges to other communities in order to build a more equal, accessible and usable world on the web.

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