An introduction to utility class and component based styling, and how to soar with Tailwind CSS.

Things we’ll cover:

  • Advantages and disadvantages to utility based styling and Tailwind.
  • How to install Tailwind and add it to your build process using tools such as Symfony Encore and Laravel Mix.
  • How to configure and customise Tailwind for your project.
  • How to promote repeating classes into re-usable components for better maintainability.
  • Strategies to control the file size, and using external tools like PurgeCSS.

Also, if time allows:

  • How to extend Tailwind and add extra classes with community written plugins.
  • How to write and test your own custom plugins.

Talk slides and previous videos:

Also presented at...

  • Drupal Bristol in Bristol, UK
  • PHP South Wales in Cardiff, UK
  • Cheltenham WordPress Meetup in Cheltenham, UK
  • WordCamp Bristol 2019 in Bristol, UK
  • Blue Conf 2019 in Cardiff, UK


Track Audience(s) Experience Level Tags
Front End Development
Developers (Front-end focused)
Novice / Beginner

Scheduling Information

2:00pm - 2:50pm
, FrontEnd, Design systems

About the Presenter

Oliver Davies

Senior Engineer

Oliver Davies (@opdavies) has been building websites since 2007, and speaking at meetups and conferences since 2012. He is a Full Stack Developer and an Acquia certified Drupal Grand Master, who also has experience developing with Symfony, Laravel, Sculpin and Vue.js, as well as with DevOps and systems administration.

He is a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Team Lead at Inviqa, a Drupal core contributor and mentor, and an open source and contribution advocate.

He regularly blogs and gives talks on various topics, maintains and contributes to various open source projects, and co-organises the PHP South Wales user group.

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