Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering for CMS Philly!  This survey helps the Organizing committee gather the required assets/information from you to plan how we'll staff the event.

What is your Availability for the event?
Volunteer Activities/Capacity
Please check the checkboxes for activities you are able to volunteer for.
Helping people install, troubleshoot, etc. [All Day]
Helping people sign up/register for a platform-specific user profile/accessing the forums/slack/discord groups; helping people sign up/register for StackOverflow profiles; and identifying the ways they can give back; ideally- answering a question or committing a patch within an hour
Help run a cursory accessibility scan/review of a site; help users interpret the findings and identify possible fixes. [Afternoon].
General resume review and interview prep workshop [All Day]
Assist in moderating Q&A during our virtual sessions [hour-long sessions]
Assist in monitoring for and answering general event questions on chat/social media
How did you hear about CMS Philly?