Alt title: Headless is bad and you will feel bad.

Let's be honest - there is only one good reason to build a decoupled app in 2020 and that's to serve multiple frontend applications from a common CMS backend.

In this talk I - a team member at your friendly neighborhood hosting PaaS - will discuss the myriad bad reasons for building a decoupled app, as well as some of the many pitfalls that most developer/architects don't think of at the beginning of their build.

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I gave this at Decoupled days 2018, but have gathered an additional 2 years worth of data to present.

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1:00pm - 1:50pm
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John Grubb

Director of Customer Care

Hi! I'm the Director of Customer Care at, which means that I deal with anything and everything after the contract gets signed.  The portion of my gig that is specific to this conference will be the part about leading the team responsible for onboarding and implementation of our enterprise clients.

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